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Since I am certain to see servers with 2-10 NICs installed, either for backup or handling large offices, I figured I better learn what it takes to get IP PACKETS to forward between them.

I have a home setup and want two subnets to be able to see each other, starting with PING. I have ONE server with TWO NICs going to a Win2000Pro and an XP set as:

|---- SERVER ----| TO XP TO 2K Pro

MASK set for all is

I have DHCP set to ranges 1-126 for the left side, 129-140 for the right, and the clients get their IP information just fine. The IP # for each server NIC is excluded from distribution. I think I am also seeing a TIMEOUT for the leases, at just hours, though I set the lease at 8 days. When I try to ping PRO to SERVER it won't, unless I renew the lease. Kind of like an "inactivity timer" on a dialup connection is shutting me down on my LAN.

(Note that I had set them as being on the same subnet, with mask but the server seemed to not know how to talk to the 2 NICs - sometimes .126 would work fine, them .129 would work. I could even get them to ping using NAMES, but not IP#. Depended on which I used for pings first, I think. Last year I tried something that I think worked, using x.x.250.x and x.x.254.x networks on the server, and what is now a Pro PC was a Netware PC, so I had IPX enabled and believe all transfers used that protocol.) icon_rolleyes.gif

I have DHCP which has Server Options:
003 Router
019 Ip Layer
046 WINS/NBT Node Type

and RRAS installed with:
General - both NICs & Internal, and NICs In/out bytes show they operate
RIP - both NIC interfaces selected
OSPF - nothing right now
Static Routes - tried serveral ways. right now NIC.100 destination is .130 and NIC.130 destination is .100 and the Gateways point to the opposite side (126 to 129 and 129 to 126)

I hope that explains enough so you can help. icon_eek.gif
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