Passed today

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After putting off the test a couple of times over the last couple of weeks i finally made it today.Abit of a nightmare to start as i couldnt find the test center but luckily it all worked out.
Anyway i started the exam very nervously,pushing the next button was frighening, triple checking everything to ensure i didnt miss something.

Exam went well but the time was a little problem,long descriptive passages dont help.Tab worked on some commands but not all, ? didnt work and to top it off my spacebar was giving me problems.

My advice for the simulator is to write it all down as you were writting the configuration yourself.I spent 25 mins on my sim as i couldnt locate the problem.At this stage i was sweating but i knew if i screwed up the sim the exam was failed.Once i wrote the config down on paper and checked verses the sim config i found my problem in about 30 seconds.
Pretty plane sailing all the way through except not being able to concentrate on the sim since i couldnt look at all the router configs simultaneosly.
925 was my score and im happy even though im wondering where i lost the 75 marks!!

No test preps or cram sheets used.Roll on CCNP.....
Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$


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