how can i get hands on experience?

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Hey everyone..well, i noticed that most everyone agrees here that getting hands on experience is the best way to learn, but I dont know how i can do that. I dont really have the money to just go buy a bunch of computer parts, especially if i mess something up and have to try again. Any tips on what i can do? Thanks for the advice.


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    if you buy old computer parts they should not cost that much. or just mess up with your own computer.
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    I can only suggest you find some way to get the money... it don't need to be high-tech brand-new computers and peripherals. I think anything from a Pentium 133 with 64 MB will do, and Ghaouf is right, it should not cost that much...
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    well i thought of that..but then i thought..well if i just buy old computer parts..then I'm only gonna be learning about OLD computers, then when something on the exam comes up about more modern technology..i'm not gonna know it. Also..I was kinda wondering how hands on experience is gonna help me anyways..because its basically alot of physical instalation and stuff, but that still wont tell me about how much cache a cpus holds, or what bus widths are, or how modems transfer would just be alot of i'm not quite sure what to do. [/quote]
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    hand on experiance helps alot, because you will know how a PCI will look like and AGP or a VESA local bus

    also old computers have many of the features of the newer ones. for example the ISA did not change. although you might not find PCI or AGP on the older ones, you could still open up your PC and look at them. you are not going to hurt nothing but your self if you do not experiment with the hardware and the software and do hand on and get some experiance. or else the certification is worthless.
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    It may look old, but it will run Windows 2000 and lower ;) Playing around with the physical parts of a computer is good hands-on, especially when you try to get the most out of it, try different configs etc. But I think it is mostly important for the OS portion...
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    alrighty..yeah i'll try to find a way, I already failed the exam once..i'm afraid to take it again, hehe. I bet its gonna be another year before i'm read :/
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    axis_D wrote:
    I bet its gonna be another year before i'm read :/

    Then you might want to get a Pentium 233-megahertz at a minimum then... since in a year XP will be also part of the exam ;)
  • axis_Daxis_D Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□, wait a sec..u guys are saying what i should do is get all the parts i need to build my own PC, and then buy OTHER parts for it..and swap them in and out..and upgrade stuff, then upgrade the OS? doesn't windows itself cost like..500 bucks? then i have to get different versions of it? this is gonna be expensive..
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    icon_lol.gif Yes, pretty much. But that would be ideal. I was suggesting you start with a 233 mininum, not upgrade to it... But yes, you should try to get hands-on with as many OSs you can get your hands on ;)
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    As for obtaining an OS, I have a Trial Version of Win2k I got from Microsoft for $8. It's good for ninety days. I'll put it on a spare machine (I have a Cel 400 here and parts for a K6-2 500). You can pick up Win 95 on Ebay for $20. There are other (unmentionable) things that some folks do. I'll leave you to your own on that.

    Once you've built, tore down and rebuilt enough, some things like IDE drive configuration, RAM installation, upgrading drivers, etc just come natural.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    microsoft offers you almost all the OSes for free you just need to pay shipping. how you say, well they are evaluation copies that will last for about 6 months. 6months is plenty of time to play with the OS and get the feal of it. i have 4 copies of the windows 2k , 2ks , 98, and XP evaluation which will help me pass my mcse. you could also get the 2003 evaluation kit for free.
    so good luck. :D get as much hands on experiance as you could
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