I'm guessing 11 Feb will be Wed or Friday and 18-19 Test results next Wednesday

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No one has posted anything about their results at all in two weeks. That does leave me scratching my head a little. Did Feb4CISSP get his/her results yet?


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    That seems very specific. Can you explain your reasoning for those specific days?

    I took the CISSP in Reston on 12 February. Based on when people who took the exam 4 February got their results, I expected to hear back last Tuesday (the 13th). I'm not trying to argue with you. Just wondering if you've got some data points that are leading you to guess Wednesday.

    Regardless - Good luck to you and hope you hear soon. This waiting is insufferable.
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    The moderator here, I believe, made mention of Wednesdays and Fridays being the biggest days for results over the last few months in a previous based on his assessment of those who post when they got their results. Between 31-35 calendar days seems to be the norm from what I gather, but when I called ISC2 on Friday the 16th--as the waiting grew insufferable for me--the well-versed operator checked to see if my scores were in, and she was told by those 'handling' the test results in Palm Harbor, FL, to tell incoming callers to wait at least 5, but closer to the full 6 weeks.
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    That makes sense. I hadn't read about the Wed/Fri pattern. When I tried calling, the operator wouldn't tell me more than the standard "4 to 6 weeks." I wonder what's caused the lag between the 4 Feb tests and those the following week...
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    This does not bode well for me, as I didn't sit the exam until March 3rd! I think I may go insane if I have to wait until April 14th :/

    This 'be patient and wait while the CISSP gods decide your future' shtick - for lack of a better G-rated expletive - *sucks*!

    Let's see...
    [x] years of preparation/gathering experience
    [x] months of foregoing more enjoyable pursuits for 'just a few more practice questions'
    [x] sweat
    [x] tears
    [x] arm
    [x] leg
    [x] 6 hour exam. 6 H-O-U-R-S
    [ ] ...and a 6 _week_ wait for a decision. Really?
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    Since Friday is the end of the 6th week for everyone who tested on the 11th an 12th, I wish you all the best! May we all have positive outcomes to our test results .... especially after such a long wait!
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    did feb 4th guys even get their results yet?
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