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Hey Everyone,
Was taking a practice quiz for the CEH and I came across this question:

Which of the following is a valid IPv6 IP address?

12ED:20:63E2:21BA:0: 3:FACE:F25I

12ED:0:63E2:21BA:0: 3:FACE:F25F

12ED::63E2:21BA:: 3:FACE:F25F


I have searched a little to get a better understanding of how to tell what is considered valid and im having a little trouble. Could someone help point me in the right direction? icon_study.gif



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    Well the first one is out because of the I in the address. ipv6 is hex based, which is base 16, so all numbers will be 0-9 or A - F. I comes after F, so it's invalid

    The third one is out because of the double ::. :: basically means everything between the last digit and the following digit is all 0's, it's a shortcut notation, but it can only occur once within any address.

    The fourth one is out because it doesn't have enough bits. Each digit is 4 bits, so each block seperated by a colon is 16 bits. An ipv6 address is 128 bits. The last one has 7 blocks of 16 bits, so it's short 16 bits of being a full address.

    That leaves the second one. I'm assuming the space between the : and the 3 is an artifact of your copy/paste, and isn't there in the real example. Spaces aren't valid in ipv6 addresses. ip ipv6, you can omit leading 0's, and identify a single block with just a 0 if you're not using the :: compression method, so the 2nd address has the proper number of bits, doesn't violate the compression rule, and doesn't have any invalid digits.

    12ED:0:63E2:21BA:0:3:FACE:F25F would be the proper way to represent the address
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    Agent47 wrote: »
    Could someone help point me in the right direction? icon_study.gif
    Do you know the format of IPv6 addresses?
    If not, have a quick look here:
    IPv6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Agent47 wrote: »
    12ED:20:63E2:21BA:0: 3:FACE:F25I
    Invalid. The address is in Hex, so it cannot have "I" (last symbol)
    Agent47 wrote: »
    12ED:0:63E2:21BA:0: 3:FACE:F25F
    Valid. 8 groups of 16-bit Hex, single colons.
    Agent47 wrote: »
    12ED::63E2:21BA:: 3:FACE:F25F
    Invalid. Only a single double-colon may appear (otherwise it's impossible to establish how many zeroes were omitted in each)
    Agent47 wrote: »
    Invalid. Has only 7 groups of 16-bit Hex.
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    If you register for Hurricane Electric's IPv6 free certification program, it will give you a little hands on experience working with IPv6. Not really a reputable (or verifiable) certification, but its worth doing for a decent learning experience. Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification
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    Thank you guys so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I'm trying to practice so that I have a better understanding of it and this definitely helps! Hutch, I will do some research on the program as well.
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