CEH V7 eligibility form requirement.

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Hi, Has anyone recently passed CEH exam. If yes then probably you can help me out with my queries related to CEH exam? I intend to pass this exam based via the Self study method. I have more than 5 years experience in managing Networks and Security. As per ECCOUNCIL website, I would need to fill an eligibility form and remit 100$ non refundable amount to ECCOUNCIL. When I click on the Orders page, there are lots of options to select from. Which option should I go for? I guess it should be "Vue Eligibility Application Fee" Also when I tried to register for the CEH V7 exam via VUE, I don't see any requirement for entering eligibility code. It takes me directly to the payment page and seems like I can schedule and pay for this exam without entering any Eligibility code. So do I still need to fill the eligibility form for this exam? Help very much appreciated. Regards


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    To answer your question...if you are taking the test through Pearson Vue, you will NEVER use your authorization code. You don't have to enter the authorization code to schedule the test. And you also won't need it when you go onsite to take the test (though it doesn't hurt to bring it just in case). I've registered for two EC-Council tests at Peason Vue sites, and haven't ever used my authorization codes. I'm curious if you really even need them.

    ...Though I would prefer to pay the $100 which might not be necessary than risk having my certification taken away after passing the test, all because I didn't go through the right procedures.

    Hope that helps :D
  • the_hutchthe_hutch Banned Posts: 827
    Let me know how things work out if you decide to schedule without submitting the eligibility request...but I wouldn't recommend it
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    I actually did raise this issue with ECCOUNCIL that I am able to register for the exam without entering any code, however I have not heard from them for more than a week. Anyways I am gonna check with the nearest VUE centre and try to get them information from them.
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    I remember a few years ago I thought about taking the CEH and applied, got the code and it was required to register but I did not end up taking the exam. It was required for WGU and it did not ask me this time around.
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    tpatt, did you take it through PearsonVue or Prometric?
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    When I signed up for PearsonVUE, there was a field for the authorization code. I didn't test it to see if I could sign up without a code though.
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