From July 9, 2012 Prometric drops CompTIa exams.

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Hi guys,

This is interesting news <or maybe not>, starting from July 9, 2012 CompTIA exams will no longer be available at Prometric.

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I couldn't confirm from Prometric web site, so I don't know if this information is real or not.

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  • jmritenourjmritenour Member Posts: 565
    Actually, it's more like CompTIA has dropped Prometric.

    Customer Support Center

    Having tested extensively with both Prometric & Pearson, I think this is a good thing.
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    I have only dealt with Pearson, however I was thinking of taking my N+ with Prometric. What's wrong with Prometric?
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  • DarrilDarril Member Posts: 1,588
    Mostly people have been unhappy with the customer service.

    I just did a couple of Google searches: "What's wrong with Prometric" gives a lot of links where people are complaining. In contrast, "What's wrong with Pearson VUE" and I didn't see any of the same types of complaints.
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    Thanks I will stick with Pearson VUE then.

    The only reason I was going to use Prometric is because I was having issues trying to book the N10-004 exam through the Pearon VUE site, it would only let me choose the N10-005, maybe I should call them up.

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    Indeed, I googled it as well, and there are tons of complains about Prometric. I want to see if i would be able schedule my N10-004 or i'll have to move to N10-005.


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  • sys_tecksys_teck Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    you can schedule N10-004 with VUE.
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    The local testing center that I use now only offers a discount on the CompTIA exams done through Prometric. They used to offer the same discount on both Prometric and Pearson VUE but I guess they now want to get rid of their Prometric vouchers. icon_lol.gif
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    Yep its true, and it was CompTIA that is leaving prometric, much like some other people I also recently had problems with prometric. I sat for my CIW web security professional exam and the exam would not launch. I left the room seeking assitance from the girl who put me in, and she told me that this had been happening all week. I asked her if it was this particular exam/vendor or any of them done through prometric....and guess what the answer was?

    Maybe this is why CompTIA is dropping prometric and going to Pearson VUE.

    This poor girl had no idea of what to do and said that their IT guy was on a day off, funny thing is though, like many testing centers <it's a bloody IT school for God's sake > and no one could fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But if it's a remote offsite issue, their is quite likely nothing they can do about it anyway.

    There I sat for over 25mins while she was on hold with prometric in another room, I thought, "bet's on the prometric people only have one person doing support and he or she is flatout and its probably 3am where they are." In the end, I politely approached other staff to see if they could assist, none of them where either interested or knew what to do!!!

    I eventually found the girl who was a bit stressed by now, I asked her if the exams where executed remotely using a prometric server? She didn't really understand what I ment, so I asked if the exams are stored locally or are they done online, she said online. I said to her, "perhaps if you log out and log back in, it may reset itself" since I had some problems with their practice exam portal and was cutoff on a few occaisions. Sure as hell, when she logged back in it worked and my time was also reset <well probably not, just kind of on hold till it could talk to the server>.

    Even though many centers use old antiqauted equipment, it's not necessarily the computer, after all you don't really need that much processing power to offer these exams, it's more or less a dumb terminal. I don't blame the testing center for my issues, I believe it is a prometric thing as many others have had similar experiences with prometric. It's hard enough having to do an exam, but added to that the distress and mental angst that follows when the system goes T!TS UP!!!!

    Luckily like most of us, I have ran this path several times before and in my day to day jobs over the years, so I sat rather composed and just kept rehearsing my exam material in my scon over and over while I waited. It was only after 20 minutes or so that I thought, "perhaps I can help them in some way or do something proactive about it without overstepping the mark."

    Anyhow, all came good in the end. Just my two cents worth of prometric babble!
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    jmritenour wrote: »
    Actually, it's more like CompTIA has dropped Prometric.

    Customer Support Center

    Having tested extensively with both Prometric & Pearson, I think this is a good thing.

    I don't blame them. Prometric are rubbish in my experience
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  • SettSett Member Posts: 187
    I haven't really had any issues with the Prometric's support, but I really dislike the site interface.
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  • FloOzFloOz Member Posts: 1,614 ■■■■□□□□□□
    i did my A+ at a prometric and didnt seem to have any issues.
  • MrPuzzlezMrPuzzlez Member Posts: 89 ■□□□□□□□□□
    The main reason that I stuck with Prometric was because all the Pearson-Vue sites were more than 30 miles away from my town. I got great service while I was there. I also did some googling and saw that there is a new Pearson-Vue site a mile away from my house. How lucky is that?!
  • jbimlerjbimler Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have nothing but good things to say about Pearson Vue. The women who handles them at the local technical college is very helpful and friendly. Both times I've been there everything has gone off without a hitch.
  • paulgswansonpaulgswanson Member Posts: 311
    Thx for posting that link! You just saved my butt. Got 2 vouchers both Prometric. Talked with both vendors quite a bit the other day in trying to schedule my exams. If you have a prometric voucher and you want to use it after the 9th it will automatically have a conversion done on the phone with a customer service rep from Comptia. But here's the kicker: this cannot be done until AFTER the 9th.
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    Honestly, I prefer the prometric website for navigating around.

    I've only had one small hiccup with prometric, none with pearson vue (but dealing with taxes is a pain with them).

    Having said that.... I've seen more problems with prometric (other people's exams) than with pearson vue.
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    Ive had no problems with customer services or getting started on Prometric exams but they always freeze at the end. The Congratulations screen will pop up then when you continue it just hangs. Nerve racking to say the least!
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    I'm still trying to get a refund from Prometric. Oye! They keep running me around in circles icon_bounce.gif
  • Raidersfan81Raidersfan81 Member Posts: 124
    dang.. good thing my testing center is both Prometric and Pearson as I still need to take Project+ for WGU
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