ASA interfaces drop for 7 minutes?

Mrock4Mrock4 Posts: 2,360Banned
ASA guru's- need some help here. I've gotten a lot better on the ASA through trial by fire, but this one I'm a little lost on, and admittedly haven't had a chance to look real close at it. Running 2x ASA 5540's, and keep having interfaces drop for what seems to be a consistent 7-8 minutes, then come back up with no manual intervention. This happens on inside interfaces, DMZ, outside, etc. This is on the primary, and when it happens, there is no failover event to the backup.

The only change in the last day since this started was someone adding "perfmon interval 10", which is odd, since the guy who added it to my knowledge has never touched the ASA.

Any random guesses? Just want to see if there's any things I can check.


  • ColbyGColbyG Posts: 1,264Member
    Need more info. What code level? What do the logs say? How's the CPU during this blip? Can you ping the ASA? Do you have any connectivity through it at all?
  • Mrock4Mrock4 Posts: 2,360Banned
    Issue happened a lot today- I spent the day isolating it and causing it to happen again. Turns out the 3 devices attached to the ASA's (all 3750's running the same IOS) had the same bug affecting them. In 12.2(5icon_cool.gifSE you can't apply "banner login" and use SSHv2 at the same time. If you do...the 2nd SSH session to the device will crash it. The ASA interfaces dropped 7 minutes because it took that long for the 3750's to come back online. Nothing had appeared in the syslog server for whatever reason, even though they set to log. Don't have the bug ID handy, though. I can get it if anyone is curious.
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