Telecommunications Hardware Vendors: Do they deserve a Techexams forum?

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Looking at the number of service provider certifications available I wonder why some more of these vendors do not have their own forums here. Telecommunications companies employ a great number of people worldwide and it may be beneficial to add another forum or two for some of these vendors.

Alcatel-Lucent seems to be a popular one where they recently moved past Juniper in the carrier infrastructure market:
Alcatel-Lucent (
) moved past Juniper Networks (
) in terms of carrier infrastructure market share in the fourth quarter of 2011, a new study says, only the second time in the past four years Alcatel-Lucent has pulled ahead into second place behind perennial leader Cisco (
Nasdaq: CSCO Ericsson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

2. Huawei -
Huawei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3. Alcatel-Lucent -
Alcatel-Lucent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ericsson is currently the world's largest mobile telecommunications equipment vendor with a market share of 35%"

In 2010, Huawei recorded revenues of US$28 billion.[11] Its products and services have been deployed in more than 140 countries and it currently serves 45 of the world's 50 largest telecoms operators. It is the largest China-based networking and telecommunications equipment supplier and the second-largest supplier of mobile telecommunications infrastructure equipment in the world (after Ericsson)."


About a quarter of the world's population are connected everyday using NSN infrastructure.[13] The customer base of Nokia Siemens Networks includes 1,400 customers in over 150 countries (including more than 600 operator customers). Combined 2010 revenues exceed 12.7 billion, making the company one of the largest telecommunicationequipment makers in the world."

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    Huawei certifications:

    Huawei - Huawei Service

    [h=3]The Integral ICT Competence Certifications[/h]The existing technical certifications in the market are for IT or IP practitioners. There is an obvious gap for CT certifications to fill. Concurrently, the growth of ICT technology implies the explicit demand for ICT practitioners who are equipped with integrated knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of new products and service requirements. Huawei's comprehensive technology certification system is the unique system in the industry that blends IP, CT and IT competencies in a seamless way.
    Based on the solid foundation in developing technological knowledge and skills and in matching with the industry's characteristics, Huawei's certification system embraces the markets of operator, energy, government, finance, and corporations, etc.
    It has two key directions:
    [h=4]1) A holistic career certification system:[/h]It focuses on the professional technology of IP, IT and CT industries. Drawing on results from investigations and intensive analysis of role related tasks, a quality assurance model called Competence Element Library is established as the foundation of the certification system. The three levels of certification, Associate, Professional and Expert, provide a clear picture for enterprises to anchor the career development path for their employees. In return, the enterprises will benefit from the enhanced pool of human resource.
    The first batch of certifications to be offered is: IP (Routing and Switching), LTE, Transmission, and Cloud Computing Certifications. It will be succeeded by the introduction of WLAN, Security, Server and Storage Certifications in the coming years.
    [h=4]2) Specialized Certifications for Huawei's partners:[/h]These certifications are offered to employees of Huawei's partners who would prefer to acquire specialized marketing and technical knowledge and skills of Huawei's technologies on IP, Transmission Network, LTE and Cloud Computing, etc.
    [h=3]Solutions for Career Developmental Life Cycle of ICT Talents[/h]Huawei certification is not only the unique certification system that embraces a wide spectrum of technological domains, but also provides compatible solutions to confront the ICT talent career development life cycle.
    [h=4]1) Career Certification:[/h]Its three-level certification model is tailor-made to satisfy divergent needs from new employees to technical experts.
    A. Associate Level Certification: It is an entry level certification which is preliminarily intended for new employees or junior engineers to enhance the basic knowledge and skill required for the position.
    B. Professional Level Certification: It is an intermediate level certification which is designed for senior engineers to enhance the professional knowledge and specialized skills on different technology domains.
    C. Expert Level Certification: It is an advanced level certification and mainly intended for the technical experts to enhance the capability on complex technology and solution design.
    [h=4]2) Employment Education:[/h]Huawei believes that ICT talents could better be cultivated through advancing the training to educational institutions. With strong cooperation between school and industry, students' employability will be promoted and talents for the industries can be evolved.
    A. Authorized Network Academy: Cooperation with educational institutions to develop ICT talents through Teaching Laboratory Solution, University Curriculum Authorization Solution, Train-The-Trainer Solution and Student Certification Solution. These cooperation opportunities allow institutions obtaining the frontier ICT technology courses with laboratory environment for advancing students' knowledge and skills in practice. As a result, the ICT industry will have a pool of qualified talents.
    B. Targeted Pre-career Solution: This is an innovative cooperation model for operators to develop their new employees. It advances the on-the-job training of students to the final year of university studies. According to the demands of operators and professional requirements, Huawei selects the capable students from qualified institutions for the employing units. Subsequent to the screening, a six-month customized training programme will be offered to the chosen candidates. Upon completion of the training programme and passing the written and oral examinations, those successful candidates can be recommended for employment in the corresponding units. This solution targets to reducing costs in recruiting and training new employees. It will be a key direction for new staff training of ICT industry in a predictable future.
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    Alcatel-Lucent Certifications:

    Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program

    [h=1]Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program[/h]

    The Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program is designed to teach the skills and knowledge individuals need for building and supporting today’s advanced IP/MPLS network and service environments. The program gives you the training required to design, operate and troubleshoot these new networks, allowing your company to get the most from its investment in IP service routing and your customers to enjoy the highest possible quality of experience.
    All Alcatel-Lucent SRC courses are instructor-led by highly trained IP/MPLS subject matter experts. In addition to lectures, each course devotes significant time to hands-on lab training and exercises to ensure that students gain proficiency in configuration, provisioning and trouble shooting. SRC participants will gain the skills, confidence and credibility to work in complex network environments and will be well positioned to help their company and customer succeed in this exciting world of advanced IP communications and collaboration.
    The five levels of SRC Certification are:
    Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I)
    Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II)
    Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Routing Professional (MRP)
    Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Routing Professional (3RP)
    Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Architect (SRA)
    SRC Program Structure

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    Nokia Siemens:

    Nokia Siemens Networks launches LTE solution certification program #MWC11 | Nokia Siemens Networks

    [h=1]Nokia Siemens Networks launches LTE solution certification program #MWC11[/h]

    Mobile World Congress 2011, Barcelona, Spain – 9 February 2011
    Operators, channel partners to benefit from comprehensive, standardized approach to end-to-end LTE solutions in multi-vendor environments
    Nokia Siemens Networks has launched a training and certification program to provide a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end Long Term Evolution (LTE) solutions in multi-vendor environments. The company aims to roll out the program to customers and third party IT professionals in the second quarter of 2011. In the first two months of its rollout within the company, hundreds of Nokia Siemens Networks engineers and sales people have been certified. Examinations are conducted by industry-leading, independent test centers to verify the LTE expertise achieved. The company expects to increase its number of certified employees to 4,500 by the end of 2011.

    “This program has been designed to provide a reliable, valid and fair method of improving and assessing an individual’s skills and knowledge on end-to-end LTE solutions,” said Joseluis Garcia, head of business development at Nokia Siemens Networks. “At the same time, we realize that complex LTE solutions, customized for specific requirements, can only be designed and built in close cooperation with vendors like us and experts from the industry at large.”
    “We seek to develop a community of highly skilled, certified professionals by providing people across the industry with the business, strategic and technical understanding of the challenges operators face in dedicated technology areas, such as IP or LTE. For operators, it means faster implementation and time to launch with LTE solutions that fit their needs,” Garcia said.
    Nokia Siemens Networks offers four levels of accreditation within the LTE solution certification program - Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert. Preparation for these certification levels is supported by Nokia Siemens Networks’ Academy* by offering a range of approaches to learning ranging from class-room sessions to e-learning and mobile learning units. The program comprises more than 60 days of training by the academy, followed by an examination by industry-leading, independent test centers for candidates to become a Nokia Siemens Networks Certified Solution Professional (NCSP).

    The program supports an expert workforce in terms of market understanding, end-to-end knowledge, technology, interfaces, operations, administration, maintenance and planning for LTE technology.

    Nokia Siemens Networks is leading the commercialization of LTE in terms of commercial references and live network performance according to a third party consultancy firm**. Among the company’s 31 commercial LTE deals are: Agri-Valley Communications in USA; Deutsche Telekom in Germany; Elisa Finland and Elisa Estonia; LG U+ in South Korea; LightSquared in USA; Mobily (Etisalat) in Saudi Arabia; Mosaic Telecom in USA; NTT DOCOMO in Japan; Tele2 in Sweden; Telecom Italia; Telenor Denmark; Telia in Sweden; TeliaSonera in Denmark; EMT (TeliaSonera) in Estonia; Verizon in USA and Zain Bahrain.
    Network operators, partners, press and analysts are welcome to know more about Nokia Siemens Networks‘ Solution Certification Program for LTE, its benefits, and can try out their knowledge to get an “MWC LTE Demo Certificate” at the Nokia Siemens Networks‘ Experience Center in Hall 8, C01 of the 2011 Mobile World Congress, 14-17 February, Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

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    Motorola Solutions:

    Certification Program - Motorola Solutions USA

    [h=2]Certification Program[/h]Motorola Solutions Certification
    Customers, channel partners, industry professionals and Motorola Solutions employees can now get certified and be recognized for their competency with Motorola technologies and solutions. A combination of proven methodologies, coursework, and testing will validate candidate knowledge levels and award certification accordingly.
    Why Get Certified
    Customers with in-house staff supporting large Motorola Solutions product or service deployment should get their staff certified to prove they have the expertise needed to architect, deploy, support, and benefit from the most complex Motorola solutions. Customers can reduce costs by leveraging their own staff instead of outsourcing. And providing their technical staff with the highest quality training demonstrates the company’s commitment to their continued education.

    Channel Partners
    Certification provides assurance for channel partners and their customers that the partner’s employees have solid knowledge to sell and deploy high-performance Motorola Solutions products and services that maximize customer benefits. Such expertise will help set the channel partner apart from competition, improve customer satisfaction, earn more referrals, and close more deals. What’s more, different certification levels qualify the channel partner for different benefit levels in the Motorola PartnerEmpower Program – which translates into even higher profitability.

    Motorola Solutions Employees
    Our own internal salespeople and technical engineers should take the same training to understand how to sell, create, and support solutions that deliver measurable business benefits. And since we are always expanding our product lines and inventing cutting-edge technologies, our Certification Program ensures that our valued employees always have the knowledge they need to get the job done right.

    Motorola Solutions Employees
    Certifications are offered by technology tracks – Wireless Network, Mobile Solutions, and Radio Solutions. Within each technology track, three credential levels are offered:


    Associate level certification validates the candidate’s product knowledge within a technology track.

    Professional level sales certification focuses on candidates’ ability to sell appropriate solutions from across the Motorola Solutions portfolio to specific vertical markets – and maximize customer benefits.
    Professional level technical certification focuses on the design, deploy, maintain and troubleshoot.

    Master level certification validates the candidate’s technical knowledge to integrate multiple systems into an end-to-end solution.

    Certification Technology Tracks


    Essential Information
    • How to Get Certified:
    Fulfill coursework requirements or pass the Test-Out assessment.
    Technical Professional and Technical Master Certifications require the completion of exams administered at a Prometric Inc. facility.

    • Certified Individuals Will Receive:
    Associate Level candidates will receive a certificate of completion.
    Professional and Master Level candidates will receive a certificate and a Motorola Solutions certified logo badge that can be included in various forms of communications (e.g., emails and printed media).

    • Costs:
    Some Associate Level certifications are free and some may require a fee. Please refer to your Motorola Solutions learning management site for details.
    The fee for Professional and Master Certification Exams is $200 USD.

    Next Step
    If you have you completed the necessary coursework OR have successfully passed the Test-Out assessment and are prepared to take the exam click here.

    For questions or more information email: [email protected]
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    There just isn't enough interest here to warrant a new section. Feel free to post questions in the general certification section.
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    I worked for ericsson and Huawei and i never took any of their exams it was not necessary and did not add any value to the organization.
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    if I get a certain job I want, I would probably get some lucent certs
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    I agree with the moderator, the slice of people pursuing Alcatel-Lucent certifications are a mere fraction of those pursuing Cisco and VMWARE certifications. If we went with which certifications were the most challenging, paid the most, and had pervasive use in the industry, we would be flooded with storage guys with their Brocade 8GB fabric certifications or phoney guys pursuing their Avaya certifications. Since these are forums are participation based, it can only sustain topics with broader appeal. We don't even have a huge Juniper presence here and Juniper routers practically pin down the internet
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