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I passed my CISSP test and need an endorsement. I am trying to find someone with a military or DOD background to decipher some of my accomplishments. I am active duty Navy with 10 years experience. I would appreciate any help or feedback. Also, is there any type of format that the resume/cv needs to be in. Never written a resume...




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    I cannot remember the name of the place for the life of me, but there is a place on base where you can go to get help writing resumes, and they can review one you have. They can also assist with the translation of your military job details to civilian. There are also online resources for this, but check out the office that performs TAP for Sailors getting out.
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    Thanks. I appreciate your response. I plan on trying to work on the resume this weekend and go by base next week for a final review. I just really need to find someone to endorse me that has an understanding of what I do in the Navy.
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    I'm retired Air Force turned DoD contractor (on an AF base), but I'm not sure that qualifies me to speak Navy icon_smile.gif

    I'll try to help if you can't find someone else. On an Air Force base, our Family Support Center has classes on resume writing for people who are transitioning to civilian life, but I'm sure they let anyone sit in. As far as I know, there is not a specific format for the resume you submit to ISC(2). You just need to keep it specifically tailored to the task at hand - only work that applies to the 10 domains of the CBK.

    I'll check back here and see if you find someone else, if not I'll pass you some more info.

    Eric Fazekas
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    I use to be active duty navy. I can help you out with your resume. I'm not a CISSP, but I am a IT1, so I can help you out getting the good stuff out of your resume and turning it into something useful. PM me.
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    Eric and Shodown,

    Thanks. I downloaded a Resume program and am currently running through it. I am hoping that I get this right... After I get everything down, I am going to the Fleet and Family Support for them to check it. After that, I will probably pass it to you Shodown. I am also an IT1, but I am getting the boot this year because of the drastic downsizing in the FTS community. 12 years down the drain. It looks like I have a promising job when I receive this certification, so my family is depending on this. Hopefully I can find a prior military person to endorse me.
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    The resume doesn't have a specific format you just need to capture on paper what you do that applies to the CBK. You also don't need an endorsement from anyone you can submit the paperwork to ISC2 so they can find someone for you.
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    Yeah I would not sweat the resume part for ISC2, I mean write it and try to write it well but don't worry too much about it. I would also work on creating an effective resume though for future or near future opportunities just in case. I looked back on some of my older resumes from way back and I have no idea how I got jobs with that junk.
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