Passed CIW Web Security Associate

Sat the CIW Web Security Associate yesterday, scored 55 out of 62. The Exam questions were much harder than the practise exams that came with my course. It was on of those exams that really does test your knowledge, I believe having the Security+ helped me through, especially were encryption was concerned.

CIW is happy to bump you up a couple of runs should you have other security certs, I am yet to find out whether they will offer me the CIW Web Security Professional cert, or at a minimum I will be awarded the Web Secuirty Specialist instead. Either way, it's another secuirty cert that's closer to my end goal.

Server+ is next, then the big guns from MS after that.
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    Well done on the pass! Server + shouldn't be to terribly difficult. A solid month and you should be ready to roll. I must say though, through experience, I would focus my concentration on a Linux vendor certification if possible or Microsoft server cert. From what I hear 640 is a really nice one to get your feet wet and it's not to terribly difficult.
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    Thanks N2IT, funny you should mention the MS-680, it's part of my cert path, after Server+ I am doing the 642 (books arrived other day - huge amount of reading!). I also got Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed (highly recommended), and a few other MS server cert reference books. You're right about Linux also, after some research it seems many business's here use Linux servers. So I'd better get my head around it sooner or later!!

    Other certs I have done touch around the edges of Linux but not nearly enough to get even a basic grasp on it.
    I am reconfiguring my LAN to have a play around with a Linux server, this may help over time. I suppose I'll have to try a few and find a flavour I like.

    What do you, or anyone else think about the Linux + from CompTIA, it's gotta add some value to those wanting to get into server admin?

    Although my passion is around security, I like the idea of pen testing, but feel that some necessary server admin experience will be required before I get anywhere close to a security role in an enterprise environment. More research, time, experience and you guys helping out with your experience and advice will tell.
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    quinnyfly wrote: »
    What do you, or anyone else think about the Linux + from CompTIA, it's gotta add some value to those wanting to get into server admin?

    Its a good intro but not enough for a linux admin position.

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  • quinnyflyquinnyfly Member Posts: 243
    Thanks Andy,

    I am a Windows fan myself, but still know very little about Linux, my admin path is based on a Windows setting.
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