How soon is too soon to ask for a lateral move?

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After getting into a large organization, how much time does one need to "put in" before asking for a move to a different role or department? Does six months seem enough or would a manager see that as slightly obnoxious?


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    I first check to see what corporate policies are in place. AT&T was 18 months for management positions and I worked for other companies where you had to remain in the position for at least a year.

    If nothing is in place I would probably wait a even year, but starting getting the process going 9-10 months out.
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    Was the job posted publicly and/or in the internal job postings? If it's a large organization you most likely wouldn't need your current manager's approval at all--You would apply, and HR would do their job and work with the hiring manager to get things rolling. Obviously you want to TELL your current manager what you're doing, but in my own experience they're usually very positive and understand that you have your own path to pursue.

    I work for a large organization as well--I was recently promoted to another department. After I was offered the position by HR, I told my manager. He was flabbergasted because nobody contacted him whatsoever.
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    It took about 18 months for me, and I'm still not in the position... but that's because it doesn't exist yet. I knew what I really wanted was coming in the new contract so I tried to keep myself in the right places and let the right people (mainly the head of our contract) know I had the right skills. Just got informed last week that I'll be on the team that is designing the new department that I want to work in... I'm going to take that as a good sign!

    My current supervisor isn't keen on me leaving, though he has a great way of trying to keep me here. Promotion, promotion maybe 4 months back (with 35% raise to go with it) and just got a merit pay raise (3.8%).
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    I've only been in my current job for 3 months and I'm thinking about mentioning that I'm interested in a new position that is being created. I don't think there is anybody in the company at my level that has the router & switch knowledge that would be required (There are lots of guys with more AD, exchange etc knowledge than me). I probably wouldn't get it but I don't think it will hurt to show the ambition.
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