GPO headache with loopback processing.

ZoomerZoomer Member Posts: 126
I am having a heck of a time with this, but I am trying to apply a locked down computer only to specific PCs that I have listed in the Security Filtering on a test GPO I have created.

Default GPO - User can access items on desktop
Test GPO - User is locked down and cannot access desktop.

Since I can only accomplish this with user configuration settings, I want to be able to have this only affect certain computer, otherwise their regular desktops will be locked out. I've Googled this everywhere, but this is not working. The policy is just not being applied.

I added the computer to a security group "Kiosk PC" and placed that group inside the Security Filtering option on the GPO so that it only applies to that group. I then enabled loop back processing to "Merge" or "Replace". I replicate across the DCs to be sure. But when I login, nothing is applied and the user has full access to the PC in "Kiosk PC" group that I specified in the Security Filtering.
However, as soon as I apply Authenticated Users, it works. But I don't want it to go into effect all the time, just on computers designated as Kiosks.

I've been working on this for three days... what am I missing?


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