LOPSA "League of Professional system administrators"

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hi guys/gals:

Has anyone heard of LOPSA "League of Professional system administrators'?


I would like to hear opinions about it?


working on CCNA


  • ChooseLifeChooseLife Member Posts: 941 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Interesting, I was actually going to post on TE about it..

    I subscribed to their mailing lists several weeks ago, and have been following the conversations since - all discussions are of good quality and SNR is 99.99%. Kinda similar to TE, but focusing mostly on sysadmin stuff. Members seem to be intermediate-to-senior level.

    That's the mailing lists, I don't know much about membership, LISA, and other things...
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    need to supress the urge of photoshopping a picture of league of extraordinary gentleman with logo shirts
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