Care to share percentages?

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I'm just curios as to the following:

1) How many of the "IT Related" issues are caused by the "system" itself rather than the users?
2) How many users blame your company for not being able to access a remote server or resource off the network
3) How many of your users call in bitching even while you try to help?
4) How many of you have users call in blaming everything on recent software patches that were "pushed" down to workstations?
5) How many of you have users who have someone ELSE call in to report a problem? Whats worse is the person calling in has no clue or information about whats going on. No computer names, error message, nothing!

Give percentages please! I'm curious to see how other places stack up to the helpdesk I work on.

1) Seems like 50%
2) 25% <- I get people telling me "I spoke to so and so and they say its on 'your end' " and there the blame game goes
3) A lot... like 65% Had a lady tell me she was going to complain about the helpdesk using netmeeting as its an invasion of privacy and an absurd tool to use... icon_rolleyes.gif This was my last call today...
4) 75%
5) 30% and it's annoying icon_twisted.gif
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    Dont have any percentages to share as luckily I dont work on the Helldesk (!!) anymore. But considering the recent threads/posts you've made/started, I think it's time you start looking for a sys admin/network admin type role. I can see it's becoming frustrating for you.

    Just dont take it personally. When I used to get users like that, I was like - What a dumb idiot. And moved on to the next one. Just ignore them, focus on learning only.
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    Lol, there are some things that sorta make me laugh, sadly. Like the time I was remoted into a ladies computer and it BSODd while I was in it. I didn't know that while I was remoted in as I still saw the desktop but right when it happened I couldn't click anything and the cursor stayed in a "scrolling state". After a minute of trying to figure out what happened, I finally asked the lady can she move her mouse and she said "The whole screen is blue with white writing"... If I had not asked, she probably would have never said anything either. I agree though, time to move on to greener pastures as this place is in a "hiring freeze" yet they continually have groups of new people coming in. Funny looking at the thread from when I got the job to roughly 10 months later. I do consider this place sorta a helldesk haha. It's not the customers alone, it's also some of the people who micromanage the helpdesk who make things difficult as well.
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