Best Master's Degree For Network Engineering

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So let me start off by saying I just recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Information Systems. I am currently working as a software engineer and have been doing so for roughly the past year, and while I enjoy the work I have recently wanted to try and make the switch to network engineering. Over the past few months I have gotten my CCNA, CCNA Security, and Security+ certifications; I am also currently studying for my CCNP Route exam.

In high school I was in a networking program so this isn't really a huge transition for me as I've had exposure to the field going on 8 years now, even if I haven't had too much real work experience in the field.

One of the best things about the company I work for is the high degree of lateral mobility, so a transition such as this would not be something that's looked down upon, as it might be in some other places.

However, in addition to the certifications, I want to take advantage of my companies tuition reimbursement program and pursue a degree that will not only strengthen my technical knowledge, but allow me to advance professionally. And so I have been looking at a number of degrees and have ruled out pursuing a pure MBA at this moment in time as I feel a topical degree might better suit me. I've primarily been looking at a school called UMBC, but I have also considered some online programs. The main degree programs I have looked at are Systems Engineering, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, and Engineering Management (although the last is more a fall back plan in case I decide sooner rather than later I want to pursue something more managerial).

Eventually, I think I would like to maybe get into network security, but I'm not entirely sure at this moment. But I do know I would like to advance in the field of network engineering, so of those aforementioned degrees, what do you think would best serve me in growing as a network engineer?

And even outside of those degrees, outside of programs strictly related to Network Engineering (which there are none in my area), what Master's degree programs do you think would be essential for a career path such as Network Engineering?
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