ICND-2 Labs to Know?

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Good morning, I am trying to bring my studies to a point in preparation for my ICND2 exam.

My question is - What labs should I have down for ICND2? I have been going through the subject material/labs, and doing mental check off's like running through a VTP config or a EIGRP setup etc . I have no trouble setting up anything just about, but just curious to know what labs would be best to focus on. There are so many things that can be lab'd on per subject beyond just a basic setup which is why I am asking for some guidance. I know its great to know and be able to do everything, but I would like to focus just on the stuff that will be on the exam. I have read the syllabus for the ICND2, but its rather broad and could be interpreted many ways. I have searched around to no avail for the list I am asking for.

Thanks in advance.
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