CDP commands on Packet Tracer

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Just wondering if anyone else has come across similar situation, I am just experimenting with the CDP command in packet tracer, and i do not have a function to change the cdp timmer or holdtime.

Basically i can run a sh cdp command.

R2#sh cdp
Global CDP information:
Sending CDP packets every 60 seconds
Sending a holdtime value of 180 seconds
Sending CDPv2 advertisements is enabled

And this is fine.

But when i go into global config the only options i get for CDP is CDP run??? i am using a cisco 2811 (in packet tracer)

R2(config)#cdp ?

Wondering if im doing something wrong or its a restriction in Packet Tracer?

Any help would be great



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    Packet Tracer isn't real IOS, its a simulation and is only programmed with the commands that are used during labbing Cisco Networking Academy training labs. So if you see something that's not there, it's because they didn't put it in. This is pretty normal to not have every command a real router would have.
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    I'm running Packet Tracer 5.3 and I was just using CDP for a few labs and ran into issues as well, just like you.

    Pretty much like everyone says on this forum, Packet Tracker is ok. However once you get into it you want to be able to do more. GNS3 or real gear is the only way to go.
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  • DANMOH009DANMOH009 Member Posts: 241
    Thanks for the Info Guys
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