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Creative resume designs
13 Insanely Cool Resumes That Landed Interviews At Google And Other Top Jobs

I thought this one was cool: Did you mean: Eric Gandhi? (especially the motivational ending)
Also, this one is crazy awesome (c).

Disclaimer: these eyecandies are provided for your aesthetical enjoyment only. Most of these are done by artsits and designers, and I am not advocating non-traditional colorful resumes for those us in the "serious-business" technical industry. Enjoy responsibly :)
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    Thanks for sharing. I loved them they are super creative however I believe most of those were for designer jobs which I think would be a bonus. Applying for an accounting gig might not pay off as much.

    I think this ties back to knowing your audience. If you are applying for Zappo's or Google this might get you some points. Applying for a government job probably not so much.
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    One of my friends, a software engineer, made the coolest resume I've ever seen. It was a fairly simple looking web page with several pages that you had to click through. From what I remember, the first few pages had a basic introduction, then there was an infographic showing off the line count of his (extensive) code contributions to various open source projects, and toward the end there was a page to input and submit your phone number. Once you did, you'd get a call that played music from a Internet meme popular at the time (epic sax guy, if you must know). He coded it all himself so it was a pretty good demo of his skills. To get the URL to the right people, he spent a few bucks setting up a Facebook advertising account and bought ads targeting employees of the company where he wanted to work that said, "hey XYZ employee, I want to work with you!". It didn't take long before he had an offer.
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