Cheap 640-721 CCNA Wireless Certification Kit

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Guys, here's all the hardware you need listed right here: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices For $1400 this is all your's. Otherwise, the highest bidder wins.

This is all the equipment suggested in the introduction of the CCNA Wireless Certification Guide. The offical wireless controller is actually the 4402 and the 4404, but it's no different if you used the 2620xm for the CCNA Security. There's so many minor things you can't do that it's not worth worrying about it. The 4402 is way more expensive.

It still is a good idea to get your hands on the WCS, but that's free with a demo license. Also, You Tube videos helps on the client software you can't get.


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    Hello i am Aleajonshon new user from UK
    I want to appear for Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security certification exam please guide me for all process including admission and exam preparation.

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