Question about RIP

Greenmet29Greenmet29 Posts: 240Member
If R1 has a RIP route to via R2 and that link fails, R2 sends a poisoned router of metric 16 to R1. When R1 gets that route, it's supposed to list "possibly down" instead of a metric until it is removed from the routing table.

I labbed this just now and I couldn't get back to R1 fast enough to see "possibly down". Anyone know how long it takes to remove it from the routing table?


  • Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Posts: 4,024Member
    The behavior unfortunately changes between IOS code. Some versions will keep the route in the table until the timers expire, others will remove it as soon as they receive the infinite metric for the route
  • Greenmet29Greenmet29 Posts: 240Member
  • zrockstarzrockstar Posts: 378Member
    Try running debugging on RIP, you might be able to catch it that way.
  • Greenmet29Greenmet29 Posts: 240Member
    Did that and I saw the metric 16, but couldn't get it to show possibly down. I have a feeling that it has to do with split horizon and poison reverse. I may try to disable these features and see if I can see it, but i'm pretty comfortable with it already.
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