Strange Error in OPNET when using Web Caching and Compression

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Been having a hell of a time finding people who are familiar with OPNET, anyways here is the error I'm getting:

Simulation terminated by process (tcp_manager_v3) at module (top.Cloud_Servers.Cloud_Web_Server.tcp
T (161.461), EV (1019880), MOD (top.Cloud_Servers.Cloud_Web_Server.tcp), PROC (op_sim_end)
Error in OMS Dispatch Table Sub-package:
Unable to find matching item for key (33)
Simulation Completed - Collating Results.
Events: Total (1019914), Average Speed (269533 events/sec.)
Time: Elapsed (4 sec.), Simulated (2 min. 41 sec.)
Simulation Log: 3 entries

Anyone have any ideas how I should go about trouble-shooting this? The project is due Monday.

Here's a link to the lab pdf if you're interested:
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