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I am looking in to purchasing some Cisco equipment to start studying for Cisco certs. This same equipment will also be used in my home network, so preferably gigabit switches. That is my only requirement. As well as the necessary features and software to learn and pass Cisco. What are your guys' suggestions, recommendations, or concerns?

To start off, I was thinking of getting a 3750G-24T-E, what do you guys think?


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    It is not recommended to use your home network equipment for lab.
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    start with packet tracer and gsn3. Then get a few switches a 2950 and a 3550 or two. Then think about routers
    Use gsn for the routers see CBT Nuggets

    Can always use the free online labs like freeccnaworkbook or packet life to get started and do ccna

    +1 on keeping home network separate from your lab especially if you are married or living with your girlfriend etc
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll start on Packet Tracer.

    But I have to get a new switch anyways, as my current one is already filled up. So I might as well get a Cisco switch. Any recommendations for an access switch?
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    an affordable one for home use one of the HP Procurves 1410-24G or 1810-24G can pick up the 1810-24G(J9450A) for around $260 - 289 new

    a cisco Gb switch with ios isn't cheap. Have a look at 3560-X, 3750-X

    Other thing is high power use(and noise), especially with older cisco gear sucking a lot of juice and not as quiet or power efficient as newer gear.
    If you don't need Gb could use a 2950 or 3550 as a second home switch.
    Can get 2950's for under $10 - especially auctions with pickup or people cleaning up older gear. Saw one go on for 0.99 + 22p&h last week.
    Might want to look for a 2950T. Avoid the sx and fx models unless you want to play with fiber
    Goals CCNA by dec 2013, CCNP by end of 2014
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    I'll look in to HP as an alternative. Thank you for your response.
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    How does this look for a lab? Or should I buy it part by part?

    Cisco Lab Kit for CCNA CCNP
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    Most of the time premade labs are not a good deal. Plus the knowledge you get by researching all the devices and interfaces card is huge. I followed everybody's advice and went for 2600XM routers. And for switches I just got a couple of 2950s. I would say don't buy premade and do some research and you'll learn a lot. icon_lol.gif
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    Good point. Hitting the books and sims now. Thank you.
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