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Hello all,

Haven't been around much lately since taking on a new role back in August, they needed ALOT of work and I think I've finally got the place caught up.

So my company is still using an old Alcatel PBX solution for their phone system and are looking to eventually convert everything to a Cisco IPT solution. Starting out we are setting up a remote site up with a CME solution with the plan to integrate with our HQ location in the future. I was able to get CME/CUE up and running with a little help from a consultant but I'd like to find a good resource for a guy on the data side to learn voice fairly quickly. I do have experience with UCM/UC from the admnistration side but I definitely don't know enough to complete a full deployment myself yet. I have the FLG for CVOICE but is there a better book that will cover what I need to learn?

In short I'm looking for the best reference material out there to learn both CME/UCE and UCM/UC.

Thanks for any feedback!


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    Unfortunately there is no single resource for voice, its too wide a topic when you factor in SMB vs Enterprise deployments, but the following would give you a good grounding

    For CME/CUE (and the SMB world) and sort of a primer into voice I'd look at;
    • CCNA-Voice (IIUC)
    • Cisco IP Communications Express: CME with CUE
    • IP Telephony Using CME Lab Portfolio
    For UCM/UC (and a single site Enterprise deployment);
    • Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager 1
    • Cisco Unity Connection
    • Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection
    Plus any video material to complement the light reading :)
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    I agree, its a pretty broad topic and its like asking to learn "routers and switches". :)

    Both CUCM and CME are covered in the current voice tracks, all the way into CCIE. It would probably be good to skip things they/you won't be dealing with, like gatekeepers, CUBEs, etc. Concentrate on basic calling requirements and features, and best of all if possible, build it all in a lab first. A CME, switch and a couple of phones can do a lot, and if you have a PSTN connection you can do even more with. The UC can be a big beast to learn since it can do so much, but again focus on the things relevant to you, and build from there. Its all documented out there its just a matter of making sense of it all.

    INE has a good video series that covers most of this. Not the place to start, but a good second step.
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    btw ine is offering a boot camp for voice
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