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Sadly, I failed my first try at the 70-290 exam. I scored a 656, so I guess I was close, but nonetheless, it was a failure, so I am dissappointed. I did really only write it today (hell, I even scheduled the exam this morning) because I wanted to take advantage of the 2nd shot free. So I guess I shall be writing it again sometime soon I guess.

Now I have a couple of questions if someone can help:

I was weak in two categories on the exam, those being Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources, AND Managing User, Computers and Groups. Does anyone know a (somewhat) detailed breakdown of these topics, I can't fathom the first topic being NTFS and share permissions only as I'm quite strong with these based on my 70-270 exam.

For my study method, I used Que Publishing's Study Guide Kit and Transcender exams for the practice exams. Is there anything else I should really supplement my studying with to assist me in the retake of this exam? Thanks.


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    You can find a break down of these sections here:

    As for additional study material, my main source for the 292 exam (upgrade exam, includes about half 290) was the 'help files' included in Windows 2003. Cover the exam objectives listed in the link above one by one and make sure you actually try it out on a win2k3 server.

    What was your average score on the Transcenders?
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    I can't remember what my average was to be honest, but I went through the exams a fair amount of times, pretty much to the point where I understood the answers and why they were so, not just know what the answer is.

    But I can see why I need work in those two areas now, the contain the weakenesses I knew I had, group scopes and terminal services. I did not have a great deal of hands on, so I know that hurt me, but I will be sure to get some this time around. At least I still have another month to prep, though I plan on being prepared sooner than that.

    I will look into the help files of Win2k3 while at work since I have it installed on a VM in our test lab. Thanks Johan.

    Just wanted to add that there were 44 questions, about 6 that were sims, and at least one of them did not function as expected. It revolved around setting up a hidden share, and there was already a share there, but it would not let me remove the old share by hitting "Remove Share". I found it quite annoying, but got around it by disabling sharing on that folder, then renabling and creating the hidden share. Maybe I lost a mark there cause it didn't like how I did it, but who knows!
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