I guess is my turn - Resume Critique help please

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Hello guys and ladies,



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    My personal advice... Take it as you will.

    - Beef up your summary a little bit.
    - Move education under employment
    - Add your professional strengths (that characterize yourself)
    - Remove some from Skills and Knowledge and put into Professional Strengths
    - Rename "Skills and Knowledge" to "Expertise".

    Edit: You also need a "Title" to what position you're applying for when you actually hand in your resume. Example: If you're applying for an IT Specialist position you want your resume title to be under your Header as "Professional Information Technology Specialist".

    Just my $0.02
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    Couple of things:
    - Waaaaay too many bullets. My eyes physically hurt from looking at them.
    - Too many skills. For example you have 4 Cisco related bullets that can be merged into one. Another example is AD, Windows, Windows admin, etc. All of those can be better grouped. I think the skills should be tailored to whatever position you apply for. Don't have them there just for show. If the position doesn't mention Cisco for example, I wouldn't include it.
    - You list VMware but not a particular product. This could send the wrong message. They have so many products, most of them on the
    - Word "basic" appears too many times. In my eyes it conveys you've only played with it a little.
    - For employment history I usually go with a short paragraph that sums up important duties and responsibilities that may apply to the position you are going for. I follow with a few bullets listing key accomplishments that brought value to the table such as improving processes, saving money, etc.
    - For the sake of uniformity I try to the extent possible to have all positions occupy the same real estate on the page.
    - Verb tense: you current position has many past tense verbs. Unless you don't do that any longer they should be in present tense.
    - Typo: "great plains", "Wireless (cap)", "wireshark (cap)", "Exchange saver", "MySql (caps)", "Powershell", "IIs"
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    Thanks folks, Ill work a bit more on it
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    Here are some thoughts (Random)

    Name needs to be bigger font. To close to the size of you summary. Summary Education Skills and knowledge need to be the same font and size. They are at the same level so don't deviate.

    Summary is okay, could be better I would consider putting a sentence or two in there with real data. Met customer satisfaction rating 95% of the time. Never breached SLA of 100% up time while providing adminstration on the servers. Those are cheesy but something with metrics

    Skills need to be shortened. I would take that list and write 1-5 with 5 being really darn good at those skills and 1 just knowing about it. Anything 3 - 5 on up list 1-2 drop off the list. If you haven't touched the technology in 2-3 years might want to consider leaving it off. JMHO

    No need for the repeating header/name and information. Wasted real estate.

    I personally think you have way to many bullets for your first job. You 18 bullets that has got to be brought down. You will lose the reviewer by bullet 10 to be honest. I would put your most impressive bullets at the top. Try to consolidate and remove redundancy including anything that might have been listed in your summary.
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