Which brands you manage and which is the one you liike the most and why?

NightShade1NightShade1 Member Posts: 431
For me betweent he brands i manage the one i like the most is Aruba
It does many cool things
The support its good
You even get support through the forum, there are aruba engineers asnwering questions there.
The tranings are really good, they also got the instructor led training in which you dont have to travel or anything to get a training.
The community is really supportive in the forums.
Its a really good product.
I can open all the cases i need with the tac and they answer you like the next day(if you open a webcase) not so fast like with ALU that asnwer you in like a few hours)(ALU is the fastest i have seem when opening a webacase...)

Anyways i manage these brands:
Alcaltel-Lucent for DATA
Aruba For Wireless
Fortinet For security
Microsoft For Servers

I dont do voice but in my company we install to clients ALU voice solutions
Product Manager - ArubaNetworks
Alternetworks Corp


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