Skin o' the teeth


Well, I scheduled this thing for today about 2 weeks ago, planning to make use of the 2nd shot if need be. Thought I'd have plenty of time to study in that window, but life had other plans and in reality the only days I had to study were Sat, Sun, and Mon. I felt grossly underprepared for the exam (I didn't even get to read all my books) but went ahead with it because of the 2nd shot.

Passed with a 700. I sat there and laughed for a little bit. icon_lol.gif

In a way, it's somewhat embarassing. Though it's nice to be done with the exam, I don't feel that I know everything I should know. But at the same time, I did pass- by a small a margin as it may be. And having only about 16-18 hours total study time, I suppose there is some pride in that. In any case, it's done and unrepeatable now. Anything I don't know I will work on at home in preparation for 290 and 291. icon_cool.gif

Mats used:

Sybex (for the win)
ExamCram2 - didn't get to read much at all, but used the cd materials some
MS Official Course book (2285A) - if this is all you read, you're screwed. :)
Self Test Software - not recommended. get Transcender instead.


  • mikey_bmikey_b Member Posts: 188
    A pass is a pass, and kudos to you. In the real world, of course, there are always reference materials and knowledgebases to help with any problems that may arise, the passing mark just guarantees a certain level of confidence in the product.

    So, what's next? 290/291, like you say?
    Mikey B.

    Current: A+, N+, CST, CNST, MCSA 2003
    WIP: MCSE 2003
  • BaredorBaredor Member Posts: 99
    Current plan is to do 290 and 291 to complete my MCSA. Hopefully then I'll be able to find a decent job. Once I'm done with them, I plan to hit Server, Security, and Linux+. Then on to finish up with MCSE - hopefully by the end of the year. By then, it'll probably be time to start studying for the 2006 revision or so. =P Any news at all on when the next Server OS is coming out?
  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    i remain, he who remains to be....
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