Passed *Whew!*

BluesKidBluesKid Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
Took this bad boy today and passed with an 887. For those of you who are reading this because you are looking to take it in the near future, don’t be scurred. It's not nearly as bad as a lot of posts make it sound (all the failure posts were scaring me too!). The 70-270 was at least as difficult. The sims are nothing to be worried about either (when they work). One sim wouldn't let me modify the share ACL in the way the question wanted me to so I'm sure that docked me some points. All in all the sims are not hard at all. One bummer about these MS tests is that they have questions on things that are just blatantly not in the official MS Press books. All in all, it was very straight forward and well written. I used the MS Press book for the most part. I also read through the Sybex book once. For what its worth, the Sybex was useful for a couple areas but largely focused on un-tested subjects. Now its time to tackle the 291... Anyone conquered this beast yet? Any insight to how it compares to 290?


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