Icnd2= pass!

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I just got back from the testing center, with a pass on ICND2. Officially a CCNA and it feels great. I have been chasing this certification off and on for the past few years. It's nice to finally achieve it.


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    What materials were used to help you finally knock it out?
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    YFZblu wrote: »

    What materials were used to help you finally knock it out?

    Thanks. I used this book:
    Amazon.com: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, includes CD-ROM: Exam 640-802 (9780470901076): Todd Lammle: Books

    I flagged the chapters in the book that pertain to ICND1 and ICND2.

    I also did all my labbing on packet tracer. I have real equipment, couple of 2500s, Ciena 311v switch, 2950, and two 2960g. Having said that I never once turned on my real gear as its a pain in the azz to keep setting it up and breaking it down. IMHO packet tracer works just fine.
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    What's next for you?
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    Congrats on the pass.
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    Awesome man now it's time to update your TE certification list to CCNA icon_lol.gif
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    congrats! I passed mine yesterday, huge relief. good luck!
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    Congrats... Did you use any practice exams?
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    Thanks everyone. I am not sure what's next from here. I am definetly taking some time off before possibly going on to CCNP. I have a 4 year old and 3 year old at home and it was tough balancing home life with work and studying. Lets say that I ignored the family quite a bit in the 30 days it took me to get the CCNA. A mental/family break is much needed.

    The only practice exams I used were the ones that came with my study book. I also have some of the Boson exams however I rarely used them. Those exams are most definetely closest to the real exam with the sims, simlets, drag and drops etc...

    This site is very motivating and I am glad to see everyone here pushing forward with their studies. Keep at it and you all will acheive success! Great community we have here.
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