Ports to know for CCENT?

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Anyone know if there is a recommended list of ports that should be known for the CCENT? I've looked at the exam topics and it doesn't seem to mention them.
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    I just studied the ones I saw in my book - Also make sure you commit the transport protocol for each one to memory.

    FTP (data and control)
    RTP-based Voice (VoIP and Video)

    Source: Odom 2nd Edition - Chapter 6, pages 139 & 140
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    Chapter 7 of ODoms book shows you (3rd edition ICND1)

    At least you should know FTP, SSH, Telnet, SMNP, SNMP, DHCP, RDP, DNS, POP3, HTTP, SSL and what protocols they go with (UPD or TCP).


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    Those are what I had down as well, accept for RDP.
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    Those are what I had down as well, accept for RDP.

    I put RDP down because every job interview I had (for a systems administrator or Network admin) through in the port questions into their list and each one had RDP which I thought was odd imo. Although I did get this question asked on the Security + exam (I doubt they will ask it on the CCENT).
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    Those are what I had down as well, accept for RDP.

    I would recommend brushing up on the ones that you learned for your Network+.
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    meh - just take a look at /etc/services %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\services for well known port numbers

    I personally havent ever been quizzed beyond http/dns/ftp/pop/smtp
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