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Hey all im Steve new to the site. I m a I T student at our local community college system here in Indiana and I'm registered for my first CCent and A++ classes for next year. I guess ill be taking 2 in fall and spring. With exams as well. Was just curious. What s the job outlook for Network admins in the next few years look like? I m being told some very good things by people around the school and in the area but wanted to know from people in the field. After this year ill be in the CCNA exam classes then ill have my associates degree aswell. Whats a realistic salary for northern Indiana? Ive been in Visual Basic classes mostly this year and am currently doing well in my networking 101 class and i think im going to go for it.


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    It just depends on too many things to really say. I also wouldn't expect to get an admin job right out of school with no experience, although anything is possible. Perhaps you could get a job as a technician at a NOC, or some desktop support role to start out with. For full time STARTING salary, I would expect anywhere from 25k to 40k depending on the job type, your skill, and location.

    In my case, I went from making $10.50/hr(pw ninja) --> $11.35/hr(pw ninja) --> $50k/yr(technician) --> $60k/yr(analyst), over the course of 4 years. Bear in mind I was very proactive and really worked hard for that. Prospects typically won't come to you in IT just because you have a degree/certificates so be prepared to really be proactive when it comes to getting a job and getting promoted.

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