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Apparently I am embarking on the CCIP track next. I suppose that's a good stepping stone towards CCIE anyway. ;)

I just subscribed to the INE CCIP videos. For others who've taken that path, do you believe they cover the concepts well enough to be used as the only source for theory, the same way a Cisco Press Foundation Learning Guide would be?

(Obviously, practice is also essential to passing Cisco professional-level exams.)


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    No way. Get two to three sources for each topic and you should be good.
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    I would lab the topics and read a few books.

    MPLS Fundamentals
    BGP Design & Implementation
    Internet Routing Architectures
    QoS Exam Guide
    End To End QoS Design
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    unclerico wrote: »
    No way. Get two to three sources for each topic and you should be good.

    I strive to find one good source that fully covers the exam theory. That's worked for the CCNA, CCNP, CCIP::BGP exam, and CCIE written exams. Did you watch the INE CCIP videos? Can you explain in what areas you found their coverage lacking?
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    I was studying for CCNP SWITCH, after i passed the ROUTE exam, but because of some reasons i decide to switch to CCIP, one of the reasons is that im working at ISP. So now im finishing to read "MPLS Fundamentals" and my opinion is that this book in lot of chapters is more for advanced guys not for beginners, other people complained about this too. I heard that Ivans Pepelnjiak book "MPLS and VPN architectures" is cool. Also im looking for MPLS and maybe BGP INE videos.
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    I got mail from CBT Nuggets that they are releasing CCIP BGP Series by Jeremy Cioara. I never really used CBT much but many people really like Jeremy's videos so I guess it's a good thing to check out.
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