70-647 first... or cancel and restart?

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Hi all,

I just started my MCITP:EA about a week ago, been throwing in 2-3 hours a day and my online course provided put the 70-647 at the top of the list, so naturally thats what i started first.

I've got the Self Paced Training Kit from MS Press, but have only managed to get through around hundred pages so far, as its taking a lot of time getting used to IPv6 (I've had extensive previous work with IPv4 with the company i've been in the last 10 years as a local IT Administrator to an office branch)

So, my question is - after looking at the internet, and this forum in particular, apparently the 70-647 apparently is one of the harder exams, so I'm wondering whether i'd be able to learn it easier if I did some of the easier ones first (have to 70-640, 642 and 643 books on hand already) or should I just slog it out, go through the books and course and other resources and maybe try smashing the 647 out first.

The company i paid for my online course indicated each exam should take around 30 hours of study... I believe it may take a significant amount more time than that, but at least i've got unlimited 24/7 mentoring available on the net for the next 2 years (i'm hoping to have MCITP and CCNA by this time next year, when i change jobs)


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