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I want to begin studying the CCIP material. However, I was wondering what books people are using to study. Also, according to Cisco's website, you can either do ROUTE, QoS, BGP, and MPLS, or you can do ROUTE, QoS, BGP+MPLS.

So, what has been your choices when studying for these tests? I have been glancing over Amazon to purchase a couple books, so any recommendations would be appreciated!



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    I've decided to go book-less for CCIP. I'm using the INE's CCIP video course. So far so good.. lots of on-the-box examples.

    For ROUTE, the Foundation Learning Guide is awesome! Passed easily. I highly recommend it as a single source.

    For BGP, I used Halabi's Internet Routing Architectures the last time I passed it.

    For MPLS, I have not sat the exam yet. MPLS & VPN Architecture part I & II are highly respected among people who work with it daily. Seems like too much material for one exam though. That's why I switched to video.

    QoS, no idea.

    PS - This is obviously for theory. Hands-on practice is required to pass most Cisco exams.
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    I like the combined exam approach personally. Less trips to the testing center the better.

    As far as material, Internet Routing Architectures, MPLS Fundamentals and the QoS Exam Certification Guide were my main resources. Add some good research on Cisco's site and you should be good to go.
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