static routes for demand dialing interface (pls help)

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just a brief question... might be a silly question but im a little confused...

So when I use the wizard to create a demmand dial interface, I am prompted to add a static route.
Is this static route, basically the route that is used to initiate the demmand dial connection? I.E, someone tries to reach the route Iv'e created which initiates the demand dial connection to a remote site?
Or am I way way off?


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    interface = dialisp

    destination =
    subnet mask=
    What next?
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    right ok....
    still a little confused...
    use the default route

    ok exam scenario
    say im asked to create demand dial connection to the remote branch
    I use the default route when asked to create a static route in demand dial wizard?
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    The whole scenario is focused on which routers know about each other. If the knows the network then your router will use the gateway to get to the network. The network will know the network and knows what interface to use to get there and so on.

    So you will need to plug in the missing pieces:

    1. First of all you need to know what interface you will use to make the connection to the remote office eg dialisp ... your ip address is

    2. You will need to know the destination ip address eg

    3. You will need to know the subnet mask eg

    4. Then you will need to know which routers can get you there which is the gateway eg

    Then the metric is used for the precedence of the gateway.


    Plug in your ips as needed and see if it work adjust to specifics...
    What next?
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    I see said the blind man... to his two deaf sons...
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