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good day,

please i want a career in IT and am interested in SECURITY and SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, currently am studying quantity surveying but want to switch to IT with the above mentioned ambition what are the certificate i will need to be a CERTIFIED CEH, NETWORK SECURITY PERSONNEL and a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER. please i will be glad if my request is answered

thanks to all tech. masters


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    Welcome to TE!

    In my opinion you should first focus on getting a job in IT and worry about certifications later. No one is going to make you their network security guy if you dot have solid experience. Certs alone will not get you a job. And who knows you may not even like security once you see what it's all about.
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    how will i get a job in it when am not studying in the field.
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    feesyjean wrote: »
    how will i get a job in it when am not studying in the field.
    It sounded like you are already in school. If you are looking to change studies, and you wish to enter IT as a software developer, I suggest studying computer science. What Essendon is saying is about the professional certifications - I would agree with Essendon that after you complete your studies in core academics like computer science, it would be easier to get into IT. That first job could expose you to different tracks.

    Why do you find IT appealing? That could help guide this conversation.
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    If you are studying, thats a great advantage when it comes to finding volunteer work, internships, coops etc etc
    Work in ur school/college library or systems center. Even if you have to start as someone that just makes accounts or watch other's dont steal the comps n stuff
    climb your way to more responsabilities!

    How are your general knowledge in Information Systems and Networking?
    If low, I suggest start with A+ and Network+
    Then with these get even a better job/coop/internship and keep climbing up
    You should consider Security+ too, to give you your headstart on security knowledge.

    We also have a Security forum where you can read about many security certifications and paths
    Also if you do a search or quick browse around in the forums you will have threads like yours that have a lot of information and advices.
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    thank you all for the sugestions and the advice.... what am doin rite is studying for ccna and am trying to go for computer science. i want to know the professional certificate i will need as an ethical hacker and a software developer.

    thanks @all
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