Chances of a getting a job?

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I am new to IT and have some questions. I have decided on the A+ then N+ in that order for my first two certifications. What are my chances of finding a job with those two certifications and no experience? And of course I plan on getting more certifications when I am done with those two, thanks in advance!


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    3000GT3000GT Member Posts: 212
    Should be able to get an entry level job in a helpdesk environment, i am in a IT call center at the moment, and i have both qualifications, but i want to move on once i get my MCSA :D
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    TransatlanticTransatlantic Member Posts: 120
    A+ Seems to be required by most employers for entry level work, if you get the network + as well I think it'll work in your favour. However like RobsonGTO I'll be looking to move as I gain more certs + more experience icon_wink.gif
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    qsubqsub Member Posts: 303
    I got a tech support job at DLink with no certifications. I only finished my first year of college in network administration.

    They said they were looking for people who really "wanted to learn."
    I do have my network+ now though.
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