GIAC vs Comptia

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I would like to know what path of security certifications serves better to start and build a career in InfoSec: the GIAC certificates or starting with Security + or some other certificate?

My goal is to get a certification to get an entry job in security. I already have completed some classes equivalent to CISSP during my master`s degree, but haven`t had any experience so far in this field. I can`t really apply for CISSP as they need at least 5 years of experience.

Kindly appreciated


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    You can still get an associate of ISC2 even if you don't have the required work experiance for the CISSP. As for where to start most start with Security+ but that won't get you a job in security. getting a job in security will depend largely on who you know or being lucky since you have no experience. If you feel that the Sec+ is below what you already know than you can challenge the GSEC for around $900 or fork over your savings and take the training/test for around $4000.

    There are also many fields in security to go into so maybe you should decide which one you want to be in and start there.
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    kriscamaro68 makes a good point that you can still get the associate of ISC2 without the work experience. However, without any experience, the CISSP will be a monster.

    While the Security+ probably won't get you a job in security, it is often the sole certification requirement for many IT-based DoD or contractor jobs. It helps people get IT jobs and build experience.
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