Best Training Videos for the Server+ SK0-003 2009

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I need some info regarding which Training Video should I purchase to prep me for the "New" CompTIA Server+ SK0-003 (2009) exam? since there isnt many available resources for this exam just need some input or feedback on this and the lowest possible cost. Here's a few that I have found on my own:

CompTIA: Online Courses on CompTIA Server+ Certification

Server+ ($449 for 6 Months Access) I find this a bit expensive?

The Concise Server+ Study Guide (SK0-003) by Jonathan Lau (Kindle Edition - May 18, 2011) - Kindle eBook ($9.99) I already have this and its pretty good but can ONLY view it on a computer or mobile device (i.e. Ipod touch)

Server+ (SK0-003) by PrepLogic (Kindle Edition - Jun 29, 2010) - Kindle eBook

I also purchased this but on Preplogic, now called when it was on sale for $0.99 or a $1.00?

CompTIA Server+ Certification (ILT (Axzo Press)) [Spiral-bound]

It seems to me that this the only up-to-date book that I have come across to be the most updated to the 2009-SK0-003 Server+ exam ($297.00) the cheapest so far
CBT ($499.00) why is CBT so expensive now? ($480.00) this is the one I am thinking of purchasing, since I used this for my A+ and Network+ certs and passed ($ 595.00) the most expensive compared to other videos, but very good very similar to the format? (see the link below)
CompTIA - Server+ (2010) Video Training, Free Video Training, MCSE Training ($30.00 a month) very cheap but the quality isn't as good as Learnkey, CBT Nuggets or Trainsignal, plus the Server+ on this site is geared towards the old 2005 version or SK0-002 which I believe doesn't exist anymore. Plus its Bill Ferguson that teaches it, I find this guy very boring and monotone it seems to me he's reading a script?
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tutorial Online Training Courses Tutorials

if I missed anything I'll just update my post, I welcome any suggestions regarding the Server+ 2009 (SK0-003) I am planning to write this exam soon before the deadline July 8th 2012 for the Prometric testing site, after July 8th its going to be ONLY Pearson Vue, which is 3 or 4 hours drive for me if I need to write a CompTIA Exam. The deadline for buying a Prometric Voucher for ANY CompTIA exams is MAY 4th 2012, which is very soon, and planning to buy a Server+ and a Security+ vouchers at and at since they come with a PDF or study guide. the average price is about ($242.95 or $243.00).

Dan L.


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    I'm taking a Server+ test in a few hours. Only used The Concise Server+ Study Guide by Jonathan Lau and CBT Nuggets. I found the book to be very helpful but it's assumed that you already have some knowledge or, at least, passed A+.
    I wouldn't recommend CBT Nuggets, especially at this price, because there wasn't a whole lot different information than I found in the book.
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    G'day Dan, I am using the CompTIA Server + book from axzo press and Jonothan Lau's kindle book. I believe these two will get you through. Lau's book is especially current and maps exactly to the exam objectives, he has a few typos etc, but who doesn't and he keeps it short and sweet but very relevant.

    The CompTIA server + book is OK but very bulky and seemingly covers most of the exam objectives, some parts are somewhat dated, although I still believe it will get you through, and it makes a good compliment to Lau's great kindle.

    I also have the Exam Cram Server+ which I really don't like, and have placed it back on the shelf <too much frivilous detail> and will only reccomend for the accompanying CD which offers some practice exams. Besides that, it is set around 2008 so also a little dated.

    I have booked my exam on the 1st of May, I willl be glad to send you some of my notes etc if you wish. Good luck and hope you find the study material that best accomodates your needs.

    As far as video format goes, I have only looked at a couple of them and am not particularly thrilled so far, but in saying that, it was simple free youtude vids I watched!!
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    Updates to my previous post.

    I passed a few hours ago with a score of 846. Not too bad. I wasn't really sure about answers to 13 questions and most of them weren't mentioned in Lau's book and Server+ Nuggets.
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    sratakhin wrote: »
    Updates to my previous post.

    I passed a few hours ago with a score of 846. Not too bad. I wasn't really sure about answers to 13 questions and most of them weren't mentioned in Lau's book and Server+ Nuggets.

    Congrats and that's a good score, typical with CompTIA exams though, you'll never have all the answers, you may have come across some of their review questions perhaps. It seems always the way though, at least 10 or more questions may have something you have never heard of or seen in any study prep.
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    I got a voucher for like a 100 bucks and it expires tomorrow so I had only a couple of weeks to study. Being a full-time student with a full-time job didn't help either :)
    I remember reading through the agreement and there was something about review questions but I'm not sure how many of them were included in my test.
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    Hi Quinnfly,

    I needs some info on passing Sk0-003.

    I was searching for the books you have suggested.
    CompTIA Server+ Certification (ILT (Axzo Press)) [Spiral-bound] and The Concise Server+ Study Guide (SK0-003) by Jonathan Lau,

    but I am not able to find the books in India. Searches all possible places in Internet. Nothing worked.

    So could you please help me in passing the exam.

    I am completing my A+ this month and want to complete Server+ within Dec.

    It would be very helpful if I can get the books from you.

    Thank you,
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