Certified or not?

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I have a debate going with a co-worker. We both work in the IT dept. We're competitive and don't usually see eye to eye. The other day we were talking about being "certified". He told me that I'm not "certified" because my MCSA is for Windows 2000. Granted it's been awhile since I took an exam but I still have the Cert signed by my good friend Bill Gates that says I'm an MCSA.

My co-worker on the other hand has sat through courses at the local college. When the course is complete that's it. The last class was MS server 2008 and he sat for the exam twice and failed it both times.

He maintains that he's "certified". In this case he tells people he's certified in Windows Server 2008. I disagree. I say he "maintained a heartbeat while sitting through a class" and that does not make him certified.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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    In this case he tells people he's certified in Windows Server 2008. I disagree.
    Neither of you are certified for MS Server 2008. Both of you are free to say whatever you like. The only opinion that really matters, the real judge of this issue, is the person(s) signing your paychecks. :p
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    Was the test passed?
    Did Microsoft send out a certificate?

    Using that same kind of thinking I can read a CCIE book and call myself a CCIE? O wait no.. I have to pass a test.

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    You are certified. You are certified on Server 2000 technologies. Only a monstrous retard would argue that point, which it sounds like he is.

    I'd have thought someone who had failed the exam twice would have a bit more humility on the certification front and not call out others on certification related matters.

    He's certified in jack sh*t.
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    You should tell him he is certified to reset passwords.

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    Well from time to time u do come across people who pull you down. ( just to prove a jack @$$ point)
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    This is actually a relatively easy answer...

    Being "Certified" means you have a "Certificate" showing your "Certification". Why do you think Automotive Technicians praise on their ASE certifications?

    Does taking your drivers permit test mean that you also have a valid drivers license?

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    He is an idiot. I had a coworker like him that I sat right next to. I had to start flat out refusing to acknowledge his existance, just so I could get my work done.

    You are certified for life on the MS Server 2000 platform, however, it is now considered a Legacy certification due to the fact that Server 2000 is at EoL.

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    That pretty much sums it up. Don't feed the beast. It is obvious he has some cognitive deficiency that does not allow him to understand that he is full of it and is not making any sense.
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    buzzkill wrote: »
    Only a monstrous retard would argue that point, which it sounds like he is.
    He's certified in jack sh*t.

    Oh....so you've met him? LOL Yeah, he's quite full of himself.
    I'm the first to admit I'm certified in Win 2000 and nothing newer. I'm studying now to update the certs.

    He's the same guy who told me when I started here that the reason they run around (to 500) computers and update them manually is because WSUS doesn't work. He told me he was the area expert on it and Microsoft acknowledges that it doesn't work. I learned right away that the only area he's an expert in is in BS'ing. LOL I convinced my boss to let me build a WSUS server and show him it does indeed work as it should. I built it, it works and ever since my co-worker has hated me. That's just the kind of guy he is.
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    icon_lol.gif at taking a Cert Prep program at a local college and claiming to be certified. This shouldn't even be a post, the guys an idiot.
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    He proud to show his "Certificate of Completion" to anyone. What he doesn't understand is that that's not what the industry sees as being certified.
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    Perhaps he simply doesn't care what "the industry" (of other engineers) considers certified? I knew someone who claimed to be certified in all sorts of technologies that he wasn't. Bright fellow. Made in the neighborhood of $160k about ten years ago. The difference was, he knew what he was doing, and was confident he could get any certification they sought verification of within a few days. He was right as long as I knew him. Ethically questionable, for sure. But "the industry" (of people writing paychecks) considered him certified. Nice guy, btw, unless you were competing with him for a position. :p
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    Windows 2000 is getting a bit dated, but I wouldn't certify in 2008 now either. It sounds like he's mad because he lost face when WSUS worked fine and made better use of resources. There are probably other things he is doing that are inefficient. I would ignore this person and focus on making further improvements. I generally try to associate with the most knowledgeable people wherever I worked because I can learn the most from them. I try not to become associated with problem employees.
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    Hi :)

    You are a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and you are working on Windows 2008 servers and currently in studying and training for Windows 2008 and maybe other certifications. There's nothing wrong with you being a MCSA in Windows 2000, because you are currently pursing training on newer server and/or other technologies. Be proud of that, your a certified administrator regardless of what your workmate says.

    Your confused workmate, is taking his studying and training as the same as being certified. He is probably way insecure on failing the test 2 times. I can see, if he was telling you and other people that he was "trained" in Windows 2008 but not certified. That would be one thing. Through out the years, you'll see those kind of people.

    One my side of the fence, I keep coming across a lot of people as of late in I.T. who act like: " I AM CAPTAIN I.T. FANTASTIC, I AM CERTIFIED AND I AM GREATER THAN YOUuuuu! " and it turns out that they do not know how to trouble shoot "jack" about anything. LOL icon_lol.gif

    You will see those kind of people pop up.
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