Aced the Project+ Exam

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Just took the Project+ exam this afternoon and aced it with an 888. icon_lol.gif It is by far the easiest CompTIA exam I've taken thus far! I work in project management governance & oversight, so the topics on the exam were not new to me. In fact, I really over-studied for the exam.

My 2-month study methodology:
- Read the Sybex book 3 or 4 times, highlighting and focusing on the important points listed in the text objectives
- Utilized Sybex end of chapter practice questions
- Created notes using the test objective outlines
- Memorized all of the important equations (CPI, SPI, CV, SV, PERT, Communication Network, etc)
- Made sure I studied at least an hour every day...sometimes up to 4 hours.
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    Congrats!!icon_thumright.gif What's next?
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    With an MBA, and perhaps your background in general, the exam was probably cake to you. You should probably sit for the CAPM or PMP at this point, since you did that well on Project+ (seriously).
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    Nicely done! Congrats on your pass!
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    NOLAJ wrote: »
    Congrats!!icon_thumright.gif What's next?

    Thanks everybody, I appreciate it. I do have plans to sit for the PMP and the CISSP, but that is down the line. I just found out today that I have been accepted into Capitol College's DSc in Information Assurance program and I start the program at the end of the month. So DSc in IA, PMP and CISSP are down the line...I think I'm going to be busy the next few years. :D
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    Great Job! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congratz and lucky score!
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