Aced the Project+ Exam

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Just took the Project+ exam this afternoon and aced it with an 888. icon_lol.gif It is by far the easiest CompTIA exam I've taken thus far! I work in project management governance & oversight, so the topics on the exam were not new to me. In fact, I really over-studied for the exam.

My 2-month study methodology:
- Read the Sybex book 3 or 4 times, highlighting and focusing on the important points listed in the text objectives
- Utilized Sybex end of chapter practice questions
- Created notes using the test objective outlines
- Memorized all of the important equations (CPI, SPI, CV, SV, PERT, Communication Network, etc)
- Made sure I studied at least an hour every day...sometimes up to 4 hours.
WGU MS:IT - Network Management
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