After CCNA, how much work to pass the CCDA?

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How fast did someone take to study for the CCDA after getting the CCNA?

I wasn't going to go for the CCDA, and figured after the CCNA go straight to the CCNP.

However, I did notice that several companies have boot camps where they do CCNA for the first 5 days and then the last 1.5 days they teach the CCDA. That got me thinking that perhaps the CCDA is not that much more of a climb from the CCNA. So I could get another certification faster as opposed to spending months studying for the 3 CCNP tests. Plus learning the CCDA material wouldn't be too bad if it didn't cost me a lot of down time of not studying for my CCNP.



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    I really would not guage the certification by how long it takes a boot camp to teach it.

    The choose is yours. CCNP or CCDA, either way you will be learning new technologies. The CCDA is less configuration oriented and more deisgn/theory focused. Honestly I would CCNP first unless you have worked with the technologies the CCDA covers (or take the time to learn the technologies). It's one thing to design a network and another to configure and deploy that design. The certification is only as good as the skill you can produce to back it up.
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    That's good to know as the CCDA sounds just like the CCNA with a bunch of more theory.

    For me it's getting the certs asap since I've worked for years with Cisco equipment, but now that I'm on the job market and in the job role I'm in many want certs these days for the salary I want. So I'm about to take my CCNA, and then will consider if I want to do practical (ccnp) or get the more theory and design cert (ccda). icon_lol.gif
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    RoguetadhgRoguetadhg Member Posts: 2,489 ■■■■■■■■□□
    From the cisco forums, it took a man 8 months of studying. He estimated if he had NP first, it would've taken 2.

    Im trying to find the link for that quote.
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    Roguetadhg wrote: »
    From the cisco forums, it took a man 8 months of studying. He estimated if he had NP first, it would've taken 2.

    Im trying to find the link for that quote.

    Interesting, this might actually be one of my next certs after NP.
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    I just recently passed the CCDA and would definitely recommend pursuing the CCNP first. I had already been 6 months deep into my CCNP prep before deciding to take a break and focus on the CCDA, which happened to be one of my college courses this semester. I decided to put forth the additional effort and I barely squeezed out a certification while getting college credit at the same time. Cisco recommends CCNP SWITCH knowledge and I agree. Moreover, I would highly recommend CCNP ROUTE knowledge as well.

    Is CCNP level knowledge required to pursue the CCDA? NO. Helpful? YES.

    Prep time will depend on the individual's motivation and time management skills. I work full-time, go to school full-time, and have 3 lovely children that cry, scream, fight, and play very loud music. It took about me about 7-8 weeks, but I'm highly motivated and have 10 yrs in the IT field. My career, academic studies, and personal hobbies are all related to Networking. I believe these experiences have facilitated an expedited path for me to pursue the CCDA under typical life constraints.
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    JayTheCrackerJayTheCracker Member Posts: 169
    there're people who failed CCDA (because they didn't do CCNP first). Hope this helps!
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    FloOzFloOz Member Posts: 1,614 ■■■■□□□□□□
    That's my plan to go CCDA after passing the CCNP and than potentially the CCDP
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    SomnipotentSomnipotent Member Posts: 384
    There is a bit of new material presented in the CCDA that if you did not take the CCNP ROUTE/SWITCH first you might get confused. Not sure if I would have passed without prior exposure to the some of the material from SWITCH. YMMV.
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