Trouble using RRAS RIP / Routing for hyper v vm guests

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Hi All,

I'm having a incredibly tougher time getting RRAS lan routing working and getting my head around the whole RRAS idea of using a server as a router. What I'm trying to achieve is getting my three vm's guests on three different subnets talking to one another. Ideally I wanted to use my hyper v host as the router so set up RRAS on that and had all the VM's use internal NIC's but this ended up not working so well. Networking is not my strongest point... icon_sad.gif

Here's my setup:
OS: 2K8R2




Now here's where I get confused, how do I set the gateway when I'm not sure where the data goes to? On my host, I had set up on each of the virtual NIC's the corresponding GW, for example, i put virtual NIC that corresponded to box1 as the IP address of, the virtual nic for box 2 as etc and then configured RIP for all four interfaces (3 virtual nics and my 1 physical nic as I also eventually want to add NAT to allow internet access to these machines). I find that from any of the boxes, I am able to ping the GW addresses but not the host on the subnets?

Am I doing this right?

How do others setup labs with multiple guests and subnets that can communicate with one another on a single host?
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