Are we allowed to post sample questions for discussion?

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I'm about to take the exam soon and went to the CompTIA site to try out some of their sample questions. Are we allowed to post any questions for discussion? I know we are not allowed to post actual exam questions but what about practice ones? The wording on some is rather confusing and I'm concerned about reading the question correctly on the actual day of the exam.


  • st14st14 Registered Users Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    No answers? Since I did see questions posted on other threads and nobody has indicated about it being a problem so far I take it it's OK then icon_smile.gif
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    As long as the questions aren't from a known brain **** which would constitute test compromise it should be fine.
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    Great. Thank you.
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    I posted a question off the Network+ practice and it was taken off and I was issued a warning. I think this is a little dumb since it is a free resource and people post questions out of the Odom and Lammel books, which is copyrighted information, all the time on the CCNA forum and nothing happens. So sure, why not. Maybe they will take it down, maybe they won't, but worst you will get is a warning from the site.
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