Failed 70-270

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On first attemp failed with 597!!!! icon_cry.gif

The exam was very long 58 questions..and very long to read also. Problems with the computer in the exam room. Lost about 20 minutes overall because everytime there was an exhibit the machine would take forever to pass on the other question.

I went to see the responsable and she told me there's nothing i can do gor you sir....

I was a little frustrated about the situation icon_evil.gif (i guess this didn't helped me)

I'll try again in a few weeks


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    I would try a different testing center. I have gone to at least 10 different testing centers here in WA, and finally found one that I like. Its small, no one knows about it, always by myself in the test room, and they know me on a first name basis there so I dont get bugged for 2 forms of ID. Kinda like Norm on Cheers icon_lol.gif
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    Sorry to hear that but welcome to ms need a self-test exam sim to help you take out all the noise out of those really long questions. That will help you focus more on what the question is asking.

    You are a systems administrator, your network consists of 200 windows server 2003 and 5000 windows xp clients. You want to blah blah blah. You have blah blah. Your isp has made some changes and clients can no longer access the internet. Choose the best possible solution.

    Sounds similar huh? Anyways man you will do better next time...
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    Better luck next time..hang in there!! Alot of people have experienced the suituation you went through. Try another centre.

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