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So I have a demo image of cucm 8.5, i installed it as cucm publisher on Vmware workstation works great.
Now i want to add another vitual machine with unity connection, but it wont pass "first node access configuration".
It will reply "is <cucm> the correct first node for this node?"
Basic setup:

NTP server on GNS3, publisher sync with NTP ok
No DNS used.
All services are running on publisher.
Second server (subscriber, unity connection) is added in System->Server with current ip address. (ping from cucm to subscriber is ok, restart the callmanager service was issued).
Licensing : 150 units, 3 nodes, 1 node used.
I even rested the set password user security to a newer one, still subscriber gives the same message("is <cucm> the correct first node for this node?").

What could be the issue?


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    CUCM is real specific about the NTP source for the Subscriber. Most Window servers use an older version of NTP (I think V3) and I believe Cisco requires a NTP server that uses version 4 or higher. Otherwise the CUCM will look at the NTP server and automatically make it a stratum 15 or something like that which is no good. What I did was find a Cisco router (2821) and temporary enable it as a NTP master and put it in my lab network. I then pointed my CUCM publisher to the temporary NTP source and then did the reinstall on my subscriber. This worked like a champ for me, my details may be a little off but hopefully this will get you through it.
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    thanks for the reply, i did a mixup on vmware with the bridged interfaces :)
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