The road to MCM: Exchange Server 2010



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    I don't have any Apple products. I currently have an old Droid X, and I'm required to replace it with a Windows Phone.

    I wondered if Microsoft employees had to get a Windows Phone... makes sense on some level... I have a Windows Phone and I like it
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    The unexpected failure of my stupid Verizon MiFi wireless hotspot has put me a week behind.

    Ouch. Nothing like infrastructure failure to mess up your study.

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    I can't believe that I missed this thread. We are in about the same boat with experience... I am further in pre-reqs (just need 662) and you are in a better spot job-wise, that's for sure. This is a great thing.

    I can been throwing around the idea... we have an MS PFE that consults with us, but he really isn't that good and didn't do well on his MCM exams after going through the training.

    I figure that I am done with technical certs after I get my VCP, other than maintaining what I have and going more in depth.

    Maybe once I am done, I will give it more serious thought... I will definitely keep an eye here.

    I have been trying to find third-party training that goes beyond the MCITP level, but Tony Redmond stopped with course... not many others out there. The only way that I could likely get the funds to do training is to do an internal program here that awards extra training funds to participants. Either that or convince them to let go of some marketing money to get our firm's name on the list (which would certainly be worthwhile for them).

    Best wishes.
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    Interesting Thread... I will be following closely. I have often toyed with the ideal of taking either the Exchange 2010 MCM or Active Directory MCM. But no company that I have worked for would ever consider spending that kind of money. Free....WOW....I need to work for Microsoft!
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    Update on this...

    Been extremely busy, haven't had time to work directly on this, but have done a few things that will indirectly help me with it.

    Also recently found out that getting my CISSP is now above working on my MCM as far as certification priority goes. So MCM is on the back burner until I finish CISSP, which actually may be very soon.

    I got an e-mail today that gives me some motivation to focus on certs a little more... company is doing a monthly cash drawing. To be entered into the drawing, you have to complete an eligible certification.
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    That's very surprising. I would think they would want you to focus largely on Exchange certifications, and entirely on Microsoft certifications. Very interesting.
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    Interesting. If you can comment, is the CISSP driven by client requirements?
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    Driven by pending/potential shift in my position. Cat got out of the bag that I also happen to have a lot of experience with, and a passion for, Information Security. Probably just going to be a lateral move, but if the opportunity pans out, could help fast-track promotion when the time comes. Too early to tell. Been finding out how interestingly unique my overall/combined skill set is.

    Also my ANG unit wants me to get my CISSP, so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak by getting it.
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    So update on this (yes I'm still alive). Guess I will not be getting MCM/MCSM after all. If you haven't heard, the program has been killed, after October 1st 2013 you can no longer get this certification. I'm pretty upset about that, I really wanted to do this. No way I could finish before October 1st, just haven't had the time.
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    Ahh missed that, still not long enough for me to get it done, schedule is full to the end of the year.
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