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well I am going to start reading on CCIP material. Does any one suggest a certain exam route? I would like to go BGP first since it interest me the most and a lot of it is still fresh in my head from the NP. Any advice on books? I just ordered the "BGP Design and Implementation" to my kindle , figured it was a good start. Ideas ? opinions?

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    For the order of exams I went QoS - BGP+MPLS after CCNP. QoS can basically go where ever as it doesn't depend on the others. I'd do the composite, but if you want to do them separate I'd go BGP first unless you are already familiar with BGP and MPLS.

    As far as material, there are quite a few threads where the question is answered if you read through the forum. These exams haven't changed in quite a while so the info is still valid. My main resources were the QoS cert guide, Internet Routing Architectures and MPLS Fundamentals.
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