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Hello Guys,

I am planning to take Project+ exam by Mid of June..According to compTIA, there are two books -Sybex Project+ Exam Guide and IT Project Management from start to finish.

Sybex book is of lesser pages (hardly 300 pages) and the other one is bulky. Which book to use as study material ? Should I read both the books to clear the exam ? or Keep Sybex as the base material and prepare only for selected topics from IT Project Management which sybex doesnt cover? or does reading / practising questions and key points of IT Project Management book along with complete reading of Sybex Material help ?

Please advise...



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    I am reading both of these books. They complement each other nicely. By the time I take the exam in about 10 days, I will have read through both of the books 2x. If you are not familiar with Project Management it may take some time for the vocabulary to sink in.
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    I am using the Sybex book for my upcoming May exam. It's really all you need.

    Also get Psoasman's Project+ Study Notes at http://www.techexams.net/forums/project/76101-project-study-notes.html
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    Hello Guys,

    I too use Sybex Material..as it is easy to read, understand and exact to the point. All there any members who used sybex alone to clear the Project+ exam ? Please advise...Is this Book sufficient ?

    Few comments on the Other Book "IT Project Management from start to finish" ---- The Book is verbose (too many pages), addtional areas like from the field, interview, exercise question etc and also many topics are out of scope for Project+ exam objectives..

    Please let me know which areas I should focus in that Book (as it is 600 pages), I am planning to read sybex material completely and take exercise questions alone from IT project Management.....WIll i land in trouble ?? Pls help

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    I took the exam book in 2010 and have 0 project management experience and passed the test simply using the Sybex book and the included test engine.

    Along as you're solid on the topics, you shouldn't have any issues passing the exam.
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    Go with the Sybex. Always loved their books and I used it to pass.
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    Agreed. The Sybex book is the way to go.
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    I will have to say after reading through both books, the Sybex is the better choice. It is more concise and covers the material better.
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    I have this exam coming up in a few weeks as well. Thanks for the recommendation on the books.
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